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Damien Ryan

Damien has always had a strong passion and interest in peoples health. Before Damien began his study of Osteopathy, he completed a Bachelor of Health Science at La Trobe University majoring in Physiology and Anatomy. It was during this course that Damien was able to travel abroad and study at San Diego State University, California where he majored in Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology. It is here Damien developed his appreciation of the body’s multiple systems being interrelated and their influence on one another. Damien has always had a love for sport and keeping active, particularly football, tennis and golf. Currently, Damien plays for the Old Xaverians Football Club in the Premier section of the Victorian Amateur Football Association. Whilst playing football for more than 20 years, Damien has suffered and seen a variety of injuries, whether the rehabilitation was short or long term, these experiences have driven his passion for treating sport related injuries. It is through these experiences that Damien has developed an extensive knowledge in appropriate rehabilitation to get people back to their best.  Additionally, Damien was able to complete a preseason as a sports trainer at the Essendon Football Club in 2012.

Despite seeing numerous sporting injuries, growing up with a family of office workers, nurses, teachers and elite athletes Damien has seen first hand an array of both acute and chronic injuries. This has enabled Damien to develop his knowledge for varying treatment approaches and understanding the importance of effective and appropriate management to resolve any issue.
A firm believer in the Osteopathic model of the body is a unit; Damien treats with the desire to enable the body to work in unison to perform at its best. Whether it be playing sport or simply completing daily tasks pain free, Damien strives to allow you to achieve your own personal goals.
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