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Healing Through Nutrition.....

“Let Food be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine be Thy Food"

Quote from Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, 460-377BC

From their research and studies, Richard and Isabella Stevens have the professional opinion that nutritional medicine can make a huge difference to your overall health.

They believe that previously, society had convinced itself that health had nothing to do with what we ate and drank, however this opinion is slowly changing.

Studies are showing that nutritional imbalance is currently acknowledged as a major factor in the development of many chronic diseases and conditions that are prevalent in Western Society.

They believe the health of individuals can be compromised by three factors : 

1:- Inability of the bowel and digestive system to breakdown food contents which leads to an inability to absorb vital and essential nutrients and dysbiosis.    

2:- Dysfunction in a cellular level, to the level of the michochondria. These organelle are designed to produce the energy system for cells of the body. Without proper function, they cannot provide the energy to run the bodily functions

3:- The impact of stress affecting thyroid and adrenal glands.

These three factors have been known and linked to common diseases such as:

● Arthritis          ● Obesity               ● Mental Health Dysorders            ● Diabetes                                                                                                              
● Chronic Inflammation (fibromyalgia)      ● Hormonal Dysfunction       ●Thyroid Dysfunction

● Inflammatory Bowel Disease     ●Autoimmune Disease 

With their working knowledge, and wholistic practice approches they are able to support a broad range of health conditions while supporting the body’s natural ability to heal via optimised nutrition.

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