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Osteopathy Treatment Techniques

Soft tissue manipulation and massage

Is utilised to mechanically stretch the skin, fascia and muscle tissue to enhance their range of motion, improve fluid flow and modulate neural activity to relieve pain and restore function.

Joint articulation

Is the precise application of very small movements to joints using minimal force and often produces a “clicking” sound. This modality is used to provide pain relief and optimise motion to stiff and painful joints.

Muscle energy techniques

Involve applying a gentle stretch by the osteopath, with the patient then gently contracting the muscle against resistance. These techniques are great for lengthening shortened tissue and removing fluid congestion to relieve painful conditions.

Neural mobilization

Involves gentle rhythmic movements of limbs whilst the body is positioned in a way that puts tension along specific nerves in order to improve their mobility and remove any points of adhesion to decrease pain and tingling along the nerve path.

Visceral techniques

Used in the management of internal organs and the affects they have on the musculoskeletal system through their common interfaces. It involves gentle stretching and mobilisation of the visceral organs.

Heat therapy

Is designed to improve circulation, decrease pain and ease muscle tension.

Exercise prescription

Is an important part of the rehabilitation process, to enhance the manual therapy given and to help prevent reoccurrence of the pain/injury.

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